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Grey Screen > Wands Go Unresponsive > Have to Restart PC


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I have done a lot of searching but can't find a problem like i am having.

When i go to launch an app through Steam VR Home, the headset goes grey for 10 seconds and the wands both become unresponsive.

This also locks up my mouse on the desktop and even closing all vr and steam processes won't bring it back. I have to restart the PC.

This happens what seems like every 2nd time i launch, as after the restart it always works.

All firmware is up to date and running the stable/regular version of steam VR.

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, this is pretty weird. Does it only happen when you launch via the SteamVR UI within the headset or does it also happen when you launch from the desktop Steam client or from a shortcut to the executable directly? What about via the Steam dashboard (not SteamVR home)


It sounds like the compositor is causing some sort of panic or is causing the system to suddenly max out it's resources. Do you see any of this represented within the system logs? '


In any case, it certainly sounds like a software/OS side issue. SteamVR home itself is still in beta - it it's releated to the home beta, you may want to make a post within SteamVR home's community as that is a Valve product and thus they handle the support. 

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