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htc vive pro camera working but with double vision


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any one experience double vision when only use camera view mode with HTC vive pro?

when i use for game or app my vision is normal. but when i use double click for camera view, i see the image is doubled (i feel this two camera have difference position, but i already examined the camera, there are no difference or not central from the lense).


i experience this problem when after several week i dont use this vive pro. i dont know what is the main problem, my vive pro not slammed or dropeed. 


i already try to re installing the windows and all app. but still same. there is the problem with the htc vive pro HMD firmware?? or what??


i use gtx1070, windows 10 pro 64bit, with geforce experience app ( i already try uninstalling nvidia 3d vision but still same). also i try to active and non activated the 3d stereoscopic option in control panel in windows setting.


anyone can help me? thanx

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