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Brookhaven Experiment is heavily out of date compared to the Steam release. Refund?


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Hi Dom,

Albert here with Content Operations! 
I'm sorry about your experience, but perhaps if you can take a second look you will see that in the game description the game is up to date and matches Steam. Perhaps the version numbers are different but both on our listings and in our internal backend, the game has been updated by the developer and us.

What's New

26-Oct-16 Update
-updated Chinese localization
-changed the color of the 'blood' from red to green
18-Jul-16 Update
Fixes and additions include:
- Added quick switching between gun/throwable and flashlight/knife by pressing thumbpad
- Holding down the thumbpad will bring up the menu
- In-game menu icon is hidden unless controller is close to the HMD or thumbpad is pressed. When visible, it’s smaller and less bright now
- Newly unlocked guns now start with some ammo so they can be used right away
- Fixed collision issues on bullets and some objects
- Lighting adjustments in some levels
- Fixes to flashlight battery issues
- Fix to ammo resetting when replaying first level
- Added ‘Quit Game’ option to main menu

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it is great that we can always check for content parity. Please know that we routinely also check our content and keep open communications with our developers to make sure our users receive the latest : ) 

Dom, please let us know if there any other way we can help you. 

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Ok...No. it is not updated. On the steam store page you see updates from as late as 2017. I played the game for 30 minutes and knew immediately that it was out of date. The town square doesnt have its boss. The new enemies arent in the game, and its missing levels. The game is out of date. So I’d like a refund.

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Can I please get another reply to this? In fact to give even more proof the game is outdated on Viveport, here are update notes not only from the steam store page, but the developers website itself.

Ranging from the July 2016 update you've mentioned.


The Brookhaven Experiment - mrpenbrook
Hi everyone!

I am pleased to announce that we have just released a major update to "The Brookhaven Experiment." Updates and changes include:

  • Options screen for things like super-sampling, flashlight shadow-casting, and right vs. left-handed controls.
  • New difficulty levels! The "default" difficulty that you've all been playing is "Normal" difficulty; we've added "Hard" and "Apocalyptic." Set difficulty from the options screen. Difficulty level affects both campaign and survival modes.
  • Major fixes to throwables; they now detonate reliably and affect all the enemies they are supposed to.
  • Molotov cocktail has been replaced by the "chemical grenade." It works similarly: toss the chem grenade to create a puddle of toxic green goo that damages enemies who walk through it. It's especially effective against arachnids.
  • You can now switch to special ammo using the menu button, and you get two full magazines worth for whatever gun you've chosen.
  • Campaign difficulty ramp has been tweaked.
  • New thumbpad menu is larger and easier to read. It only exists on the flashlight/knife controller, and allows you to quit to main menu and instantly swap hands.
  • Some content has been optimized for performance.
  • Updated "low health" post-effect to be less obtrusive.
  • You can now switch to unlimited grenades in the start screen level. This is a good way to practice throwing.
  • Hold menu button while in start screen level to see Vive controller and description of controls for each type of weapon: gun, flashlight, grenade, knife
  • In campaign mode, the upgrade select screen remembers what you had previously selected, even if you change guns
  • Lucky charm has some new gameplay effects, which we will let you discover for yourself!

We have also done a complete overhaul to the design of survival mode, including the following changes:

  • You still acquire SP at the end of every wave, but now the guns and upgrades you purchase stay unlocked - you don't have to purchase them again every wave.
  • Throwables in survival mode are now acquired by finding and shooting the wooden "munitions crate." There's one in every wave. Maybe there's a way to get two or three to appear?
  • The difficulty ramps up more aggressively.
  • You get a score and a grade when you die. High scores and grades are stored in your save file and displayed at the survival mode map screen. Try to get grade "SSS" in every survival map, we dare you!


The Brookhaven Experiment - PhosphorGames
Hi everyone!

Here's an update just in time to terrify yourselves and scare the candy corn out of your friends and family in The Brookhaven Experiment during Halloween!

21 Steam Achievements have been added. 

A wide range of minor fixes which include:
- Optimization and performance improvements
- Enemy pathing issues addressed (enemies getting stuck, preventing waves from ending)
- Collision issues addressed (headshots fixed)
- Knife again requires you to swing it (no instant knife kill on contact, sorry!)

Initial support for the following languages (some bugs remain, but we wanted to include at least the 1st pass in this update)
-Simplified Chinese
The Brookhaven Experiment - PhosphorGames
Hello Everyone!

We're happy to launch this update adding support for the Oculus Touch to The Brookhaven Experiment!

Some additional improvements and fixes include:

• Improved Japanese localization
• Japanese VO, voiced by Atsuko Tanaka
• Added Oculus Touch support
• Fixed a crash that occurred on some AMD cards on startup
• Fixed Windows firewall warning popping up on first run 
• Decreased difficulty of Storm Drain
• Enemy pathing improvements
• Performance improvements

Let us know if you see any issues, and\or if you're having an awesome time shooting monsters and scaring your friends!


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And heres the rest.

The Brookhaven Experiment - PhosphorGames
Hello everybody!

Just a quick update to address a few issues that came to light after our previous update was released into the wild. 

This update includes the following changes:
- Fixed nav volumes blocking gunfire in some survival maps.
- Fixed Oculus Touch tutorial controllers appearing offset and at the wrong angle.
- Updated credits.

Please continue to let us know if you run into any problems.
The Brookhaven Experiment - mrpenbrook
Happy Halloween, creature hunters! We realize it's been a long time since we updated The Brookhaven Experiment, so we are happy to announce the release of our Halloween 2017 Update for Steam VR.

This update features the following:

  • New survival levels: Radio Tower and Darkholme Manor
  • New weapon: Falcon (crossbow)
  • New throwable: Auto-turret
  • New ammo types: Tracer and Toxic Ammo
  • New enemies and bosses in both campaign and survival modes
  • Various bug fixes, polish and gameplay tuning

    Please post if you encounter any issues. We realize that a few are still having "Fatal Errors" and other crash issues; we will try to get as much info as we can from you, to determine why this might be happening.
The Brookhaven Experiment - mrpenbrook
This is a minor update, including the following: 

  • Basic support for the new Windows Mixed Reality devices. These devices should play similarly to existing Vive and Oculus devices.
  • In supporting these new devices, we also added a "generic" path so that the game should work with devices other than Vive, Oculus or WMR. No other devices are officially supported, so we can't guarantee your experience on these other devices, but if you make us aware of issues we will try to address them.
  • Tweaks to the "Whisperer" end boss in Town Square. He was way too hard to beat, mainly because he had super-high HP and it was impossible to shoot his eyes due to collision on his snout. 

    Happy holidays and enjoy!


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Hi Leoinu,


I apologize, but for some reason my message to you yesterday has been lost! 


My response was to this message of yours from yesterday:

"Either a refund or the game is actually updated to current version to mirror steam. Loved Brookhaven and now that I got my own Vive I’d love to have it in my library."


My lost reply from yesterday was this:

Leoinu, thank you for your patience and explanation in this. I will contact the developer and work with them on this. I will bookmark this thread and update you when we deliver.

In the meantime, because I don't want to leave you in limbo, I have notified my colleagues about processing your refund.


Hi Leoinus, as of this morning, your refund process has been completed! Super appreciate you taking the time to post and making VIVEPORT better for everyone : ) 

If there is anything else you would like to share or have feedback on please let us know!


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