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Through steam I can see base stations had the ! mark on them saying they needed a firmware update, I did one and it went through and show success at the end of it and I noticed it then was completly black with no lights as if it wasn't getting any power.  I thought it maybe would stay like that until I did the other station so I did that as well and again update when through to success and turned black/all lights out.


I restarted everything and still these base stations show no power/lights on them.


Does anyone know how to fix?





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Try the following.   You should find the files in you steam installation directory for Steam VR then (tools\lighthouse\firmware\lighthouse_tx\archive\htc_2.0)


1. With the base station unpowered, connect via a micro-B USB cable to your PC.
2. Hold the mode button down and plug in the power lead.
3. You can release the button once it enumerates as a USB mass storage device.
4. The drive will be called “CRP_DISABLED” and contain one file “firmware.bin”, delete that file.
5. Copy over onto the drive the “lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-calibration-rescue-244.bin” file.
6. Once the copy is complete, pull out the power lead.
7. Wait a few seconds then plug in the power again. Be sure not to press the mode button while powering it up this time.
8. In a couple of seconds it should rapidly flash green or red. Green means it succeeded.
9. If it is flashing red that means it couldn’t automatically fix it and I’ll need to look at the unit to work out why.
10. Unplug the power again.
11. Repeat steps 1 thru 7 but using the “lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-244-2016-03-12.bin” firmware file instead of the rescue one.
12. The base should now be working again, confirm by setting its mode to "A" and tracking with it alone (the other base turned off). Once it is confirmed working you can add back the other base. 

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Hi  Michael,

It also happened to me a long time ago (Base Station Non Functional After Firmware Update), my mistake, apparently I was holding bad buttons at bad time Smiley Happy


It was easy to resolve, there is no need to return/RMA.




But maybe it's a different problem. I hope all will be ok.


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Good luck, after I updated one of mine stopped working and they told me its on me and I have to buy a refurbished one or new one.. after providing receipts.. get real good support and customer service all around. Did all their so called "fixes" still didn't work and are telling me I have to purchase a new one. 

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