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HTC VIVE Proud to Join VirtualLink Consortium to Define Future of VR Connectivity


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This is a repost of this blog post:

Vive Team  •  10.29.18



Today, we are excited to announce that HTC VIVE has officially joined the VirtualLink™ Consortium and is contributing to the development of VirtualLink, a new open industry standard that enables next-generation VR headsets to connect more simply to PCs and other devices. This new specification uses a single, high-bandwidth USB Type-C™ connector cable developed to make connecting to current and future VR headsets more seamless.


Most major tethered headsets require at least two or three cables to work; VirtualLink aims to reduce that to one. VirtualLink is a USB-C “Alternate Mode” connector that will help condense the various types of VR headset plugs used across multiple companies into a single, lightweight cord. This not only makes for an easy setup for your VIVE, but other headsets as well—next-generation headsets included—setting you up with all the power, display, and data you’ll need. The VirtualLink connector includes support for four lanes of HBR3 DisplayPort® for high-resolution displays, USB 3.1 Gen2 (SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps) for headset cameras, and sensors and up to 27W of power delivery.


“At HTC, we strive to make the best VR experience with crisp resolution, audio, and ergonomics for our customers,” said Daniel O’Brien, HTC VIVE GM for the Americas. “Through our work with VirtualLink, we are working to define not only a connection standard for future VR products but are also undertaking important work to help to define the future of what VR can be.”


Not only will this new open industry standard streamline cables, but it could help bring VR to an even broader audience—not just those with high-powered gaming PCs. In the future, with this new connector, VR could be used on a variety of USB-C supported devices, such as laptops, tablets, and notebooks.


“We’re thrilled to welcome HTC VIVE to the consortium of leading companies committing to VirtualLink,” said Rambod Jacoby, Chairman of the VirtualLink Consortium and Principal Technologist at NVIDIA, one of the consortium’s founding members. “VirtualLink is not only streamlining the cords needed for a high-powered experience, but also helping make the next phase of VR more accessible to even more people.”


More details are available at www.VirtualLink.org.


VirtualLink is a trademark of the VirtualLink Consortium. USB Type-C and USB-C are trademarks of USB Implementers Forum. Other company and product nam 

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