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Vive wireless headset regarding wireless link box


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I would like to get some information about the wireless link boxs that gose to the pci.


Dose the wireless link box need to be facing the player at all times or can it be place at any where high facing down on the play space within the max size of the link box requirements.

Finally, dose the link box have a wide range view like the lighthouses have?


I have a big play space and i do move alot so im getting any information i can get before getting it and see if i have to prepare anything.

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Until someone else with more info responds, I'll throw in my experience with the Vive wireless adapter.


The Vive wireless adapter's sensor never was a problem during my play time.. I always had full bars. This included at severe off angles, etc.. so it seems the signal is very wide. Because the cable from the PC to sensor is very short, I placed mine about the height of where a monitor would be, aimed in the general direction of the center of my play space. Like i said.. It seemed to work fine wherever the headset was.. be it right below the sensor or across the room. My playspace isn't huge.. so I can't speak for range.. but I can speak for the wide area it covers within it's range.


Now I will throw in.. I went back to wired for now.. as my PC did not work well with the wireless adapter for some reason (starting to think it might have been the Oculus software, but haven't switched back to try it). But signal strength was never the issue.


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  • The adapter is a line of sight (LOS) technology - it has to be facing the player for it to work although in some very limited cases, the signal can reflect off of the environment. 
    • You really only have to mount it above head level if you'll have multiple players in the same tracked volume - this would help reduce occlusion. It's not really required or recommended if you are a single user. 
  • The FOV of the PC side transceiver is 150° x 150° which is slightly wider than the FOV of the basestations. 

The overall most important thing to keep in mind is that this generation of tech is only rated for ~6-7m distances. If you're aiming for larger, it's possible but you have to remotely mount the PC to accomplish it. Also, this is a desktop only product. 

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