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This is how I think AR/VR should look in stand-alone devices like the HTC Focus.


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This is how I think AR/VR should look in stand-alone devices like the HTC Focus.

  1. 4 Cameras. 2 for tracking and 2 high res color for AR.
  2. The HTC Focus is very comfortable but needs foam cushion. It also needs a switch to keep the device running longer when you take it off. Until now you have to use tape over the sensor. (It’s not a very technically advanced solution!)
  3. In game engines you should be able to just press play and see immediately your results in the HMD and not have to build each time and also be able to use the controllers in play mode for testing. This would save hours of frustration.
  4. Building experiences should be also aimed towards visual scripters like Playmaker as AR VR should also be for the creative people and not just the programmers. This would be very simple to make actions for Playmaker in Unity. The quicker and easier it would be to develop an idea, then the faster more content gets available from the creative bunch of people.
  5. The philosophy behind most products seems to be “Why make it easy, when we can do it complicated.”
  6. It is getting easier, but needs to get much more intuitively easier.
  7. Full body IK needs to be standard without having to use solution like FinalIK
  8. I build to the device in Unity over WiFi. This has to get quicker
  9. You need magnetic USB to prevent waring out the port with constant in/out plugging. My solution here is an angle adapter that always stays in the device.
  10. The built in headphones need to get better.
  11. The head-strap dial of the Focus needs to be stronger and changeable if it breaks.
  12. Accessibility for the partially sighted: yes even people with bad eyesight like me can use VR. The only problem is reading text. At least with 6DOF you can walk closer to the menu and it gets bigger to read. BUT I have to walk 7 Meters in VR to get closer to the home menu in VivePort. It would be great if I could simulate moving in the home menu. For example hold down the digital trigger and move around with the trackpad. This would be like zooming in and out. Please be aware that it took years for accessibility to be available on smartphones for the blind and partially sighted. My suggestion here would be very simple to implement. Of course for the fully blind they are not going to need VR but people with bad eyesight do still want to enjoy VR/AR. Just give us ZOOM please.
  13. Unlucky number
  14. I am looking forward to your new dual 6DOF controllers. This is a must have in VR/AR as we humans normally have 2 hands.
  15. Even better, get hand-tracking working!
  16. I know some of these features are going to need more processor power, but you’re getting there slowly but sure.
  17. As a last note, concentrate on making developing content for the Focus as easy as possible. This way you get more content. More content means more people wanting to buy hardware.

So please anybody who wants to should extend this list starting with 18. As there must be loads more suggestions out there.



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