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No camera view in Demo


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Hi there,

I`m trying to test the ViveSR_Experience Demo scene, however I do not get any camera images so far.
 There is also a console error:

[ViveSR] Initial Framework : -1UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object)Vive.Plugin.SR.<StartFrameworkCoroutine>c__Iterator0:MoveNext() (at Assets/ViveSR/Scripts/ViveSR.cs:84)


The SRWork.log looks like this (there also some errors)

[JSON] [2018-11-07 13:11:36] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E2A] parse faild @CheckCapability:213[JSON] [2018-11-07 13:11:36] [-WARNING-] [code: 0x4E30] serial number not match(HMD-LHR-A3D101AB & JSON-) @CheckCapability:218[JSON] [2018-11-07 13:11:36] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E2A] parse faild @CheckCapability:222[ENGINE_DEPTH_2_DLL] [2018-11-07 13:11:39] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E21] Invalid focal length: 0.000000 @ModuleDepth_Initialization:43[ENGINE_DEPTH_2_DLL] [2018-11-07 13:11:39] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E21] Invalid baseline: 0.000000 @ModuleDepth_Initialization:45[JSON] [2018-11-08 09:17:48] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E31] openvr api init fail @FindValidConfigFile:306[JSON] [2018-11-08 09:17:48] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E31] openvr api init fail @FindValidConfigFile:306


Is there any fix?



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