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Weird situation with base station repair

Tom The Killa

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I want to tell you a little story that happened to me and left me with a box I don't think I want to open.

So I bought a HTC Vive back in September and enjoyed it for couple of hours then turned it off. Next time I wanted to play, one of the base stations wasn't working and SteamVR was displaying "Fault 03" message. I read a bit about this message and contacted Vive customer support via the European website. On live chat I was promised an email within couple of hours and never got it. I went on the live chat again I was asked for my address and serial number of the base station and was promised an email within 24 hours with further info which again I never received. Then I contacted via phone support based in my county, was told to email details of the problem. This time I received a reply. The email basically confirmed that it had to be send for repairs but since I still had one day to return it to the shop I bought it from and get the cash back, I was basically advised to do that. So I did, got my money back and bought another Vive. I thought it was end of the story but no. A week ago I got an email containing repairs report on my base station has been finalized which was followed by a text from a currier the next day that I have a package to pick up because nobody was home at the time of delivery. Today I picked it up and the return address matches the address on the repair report. I didn't open the box but I think I can guess what's inside. I guess the shop I bought it from send it for repairs and somehow HTC send it to me when they were done with it, because they had my address in their data base connected to the base stations serial number, info they asked for when I was talking to them on the live chat.


I received box with repaired base station that I don't own and didn't send for repairs.

What should I do with that box? Where should I send it back and how, because I don't want to pay for shipping it internationally.

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