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Possible to use vive and viveport without steam


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I had to install steam at one time to play a game. Unfortunately it installed tons of bloatware at the time.
Uneccessary advertisement apps, steam monitoring that constantly polled the online store for updates etc.....it constantly consumed at least 100MB of RAM and 5-20% CPU usage.  If at all possible I'd like to NOT install STEAM so my question is very simple.

Can one use VIVE PRO and the VIVEPORT subscription without installing anything that is STEAM related?
OR is it a deal breaker and you MUST have STEAM installed with a STEAM account?


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, We have a tool for enterprise customers that will allow you to pull SteamVR distros without the Steam client, but you'll have to be an enterprise customer to use it (due to licensing agreements with Valve). For general usage, Steam is a required component to get SteamVR (and thus the Vive) up and running. 

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