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Please remove Ready Player One from my subs, I have a Rift


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I subscribed to Viveport, as it was described as compatible with Vive, Rift and WMR devices. Immediately added 5 games to my subscriptions to start enjoying it. But then, even before installing anything, I noticed Ready Player One is "Vive only". So as it is a technical limitation, and I cannot play it, can you please remove it from my su scriptions so I can add a game I can actually play?

Even though it is a time-based subscription service, and I already paid for it, I am still waiting for this to be sorted out before I even start using the service. Thanks!

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Thank you, I hope we can sort this out!

If I may suggest, it would be really nice if either we could setup the store so that it only leaves active the "buy" or "subscribe" buttons for a game if it supports the device(s) we specify in our profiles, or, if a game does not support all three platforms, before buying or subscribing, maybe the store could display a confirmation warning.

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