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Best VR games for VIVE


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I would like to ask the community what is your experience in terms of games. What are the best games you have played so far and a short description why. (Either VIVE port or Steam)


Here is my list:

1) Serious Sam 3 VR (using Fusion): I like that I can play with my wife. Her using a desktop and me with VIVE.  Graphics are amazing although after some time you can get dizzy.

2) The Lab: The experience is nice although it feels more like a demo place with mini games

3) Prison Boss VR: If you like to craft stuff and have some fun with a bit of humor then this game is for you

4) SuperHot: It is a game where you need to beat challenges by shooting or smashing the red guys. They only move when you move so the concept feels like if you are in a Matrix movie. I wish there were more level or an expansion with new weapons and harder challenges. (I liked the main room. The taste of nostalgia)

5) Arizona Sunshine: It is ok. I do not like it is hard to aim. Maybe I need to play it a bit more

6) Arcade Saga: It feels repetitive after a while. I was expecting something like "The Lab" but probably the problem with this game is  my own expectations

7) Serious Sam Last Hope: I was expecting to be able to play with my wife using fusion (Desktop + VR). The game is mainly waves and waves of enemies. Personally, I don’t like this kind of games and is just for VR.

8) Tilt Brush: You have a bunch of tools to draw and create art. This app is not for me

9) Fallout 4 VR: A HUGE DISSAPOINMENT. I was expecting something like a SS3  but it is buggy and boring. I wish I could get my money back or simply give it away


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Here is my list. Looking at it, I am amazed at how for me it is about the experience, not the AAA graphics, etc. Not on my list, Fallout 4, Skyrim VR, etc.. even though I have them too.


1) VTOL VR - Built from the ground up as a VR flight sim, so it has many features built in that no other flight sim does. Using one controller on your knee like a flight stick while pushing switches with the other is simply amazing. The built in Mp3 player and spectator camera make you wonder why any games do not have those features.


2) WINDLANDS - One of the first VR games is still one of the best. I play it on easy mode (where you can attach to anything) and it quickly makes you feel like your spiderman in VR. I love everything about this game from the graphics to the super amazing sound design (I thought it should win an award for sound). Anyway, it makes the list as it is one of the only games that kicks off my fear of heights.. and I love it for that.


3) Richies Plank - Not as much a game as an experience.. but being able to act like a super hero flying through the city or as Santa delivering presents.. 'nuf said.


4) The Lab - Like you said.. a bunch of demos.. but it shows a hint of the power of VR.


5) voidLINK - This is an obscure game that nobody seems to know about.. but it is the best RTS made for VR so far. If you liked Red Alert, Commmand and Conquer, Homeworld, etc.. this is your VR game. I just play practice against the AI over and over.. but it is what I like to do (don't judge, lol)


6) Operation Warcade - Any game that I almost 100% should be on this list, and Operation Warcade is among those. Your local arcade's sit down gun shooter gets a VR remake. What I thought was a simple scrolling shooter turns out to be SO much more. Varied enough that it doesn't get repeative too quick and flat out fun.


7) Duck Season - I am a wuss when it comes to VR horror.. so when Duck Season, a nice game about hunting ducks takes a detour into horror, you know the game must be great if I continue to play until the end. Loved every inch of this game and it was a jaw drop at the attention to detail and nostalgia.


8) Grand Canyon Experience - This is my go to for relaxation. Ride a boat around the grand canyon at night or during the day. Great for escaping the worries of the day.


9) Balloon Chair Death Match - Looks like you can't get this game anymore and that's a shame. One of the most fun VR titles I've played. So hard to explain that I'll just say, search youtube for videos of it. 


10) Hopalong: The Badlands - Fun little game for kids, but it brings out the kid in every adult who plays it too. Ride a stick horse around while shooting bad guys.

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I could go on and on because there are so many experiences but here are some of my favorites. 


Transpose - A great mind bending puzzler. Tons of content and you have to do cool things like mirroring yourself to complete a puzzle. 


Torn - A fun and mysterious puzzler that is kind of like an escape room but you are basically escaping a whole mansion while going along with a cool narrative. 


Fallout VR - Once it is modded, this game becomes an amazing experience. Well, at least if you are a fan of the Fallout franchise. I'm a massive FO fan so I might be a bit biased. 


Skyrim VR - Pretty much the same reasons as Fallout VR. 


Beat Saber - I'm a music and rhythm game fan so this fit my tastes perfectly. Slashing at blocks that correspond with the music is a lot of fun. It also helps you burn some calories to boot. 


Sairento VR - An over the top action game. From shooting and dodging to clising an enemy in two. It's a lot of fun and pretty frantic. 


Obduction - As you can tell, I'm a bit of a puzzle guy. This game is developed by the same guys who made the Myst series of games. Touch logic puzzles, fmv acting, and a nice VR atmosphere. 

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