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Vive wireless adapter disconnects after a few minutes.


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  • 3 weeks later...


I have had this issue for almost a year now. I just discovered this thread and would like to know if it is still active. So far Vive support has done absolutely zilch for me accept offering BS responses and blaming me the consumer for the failure of THEIR product. I have told them countless times reinstalling windows will not do anything. the farthest I've got with Vive support is a replacement short 3 in one cable for the adapter which did absolutely nothing as I'm sure you could have guessed. if anyone has found anything or is still active please I am begging you to at least comment. it appears to me that its a multitude of reasons why the adapter doesn't work as intended but HTC's response to the issue is BS and we all deserve better.

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Hi. We've been trying for months. And it seems you were where I was about 5 months ago. After contacting vive support, they sent me a cable, which did nothing. I then sent in the device which they returned and said nothing was wrong with it. I then persisted and did some of my own testing and they then asked for the device back again, which they then repaired.

Things we know:

  • The final repair seemed to fix it for me. I only get one full crash with Half-life alyx now, and it seems to take the whole system own with it. Not quite the same thing as before - so i think it's related to the game
  • I think it's heat related, despite it not always seeming like it
  • You need to find the log files for the htc wireless adapter itself and not the steam vr logs (which they might have asked you to generate) to see the errors properly
  • HTC seem to think that it's not their fault - despite it being their fault

I get the impression that HTC have in fact discovered a fault with their device, but the fact so many have modified their devices means they're largely getting away with it. The repair fixed the faulty RF antenna on mine, which seems like it's the same problem all over.

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I just got my Wireless Adapter Last week and want to thank everyone for the suggestions on the forum.  Mine would cut out (black screen) after nearly exactly 5 mins every time.

Here's what I did all at once Im not sure which one fixed it but so far so good.

-Hooked back up Link Box with just power and USB to computer.

-Had a slight overclock on CPU put that back to normal

- Clicked on PCIeGenConfig.exe file and clicked Enabled

- Set PCI settings in bios from Auto to Gen 3

- Set Controller settings to - Never Turn off

Thank everyone so much for the suggestions I was about to return or burn this thing but now works Great!

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  • 1 month later...

I have tried everything mentioned in this thread, but still regularly get a gray screen followed by the Windows USB disconnect sounds that I can only recover from by power-cycling the wireless adapter. Has anyone found out anything since?

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  • 4 weeks later...

So here is what I found out. I tried much of what was suggested here and none of it worked. It still had the issue. Then I bought a new battery, Aukey brand, with 3 times the storage capacity. I haven't had this issue since. So I wonder if their battery can't provide enough power, and so it drops every so often. Thus providing the white outs and black outs many of us have been getting.

So far I've had my new battery for 2 weeks. Never had the issue except when I used my old battery. Happened the first time I used the one that came with the wireless headset instead of the larger battery.


Only drawbacks I've seen so far, is the new battery does not have a clip to snap it on your clothes, I just put it in my pocket. The other issue is it's bigger. About as big as a smartphone only 2.5 times thicker.

So it was worth the change to me. It also was cheaper and more powerful, held more, than the official battery that came with the wireless adapter set.

Just a FYI, I use the HTC Vive Pro with this.


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  • 2 weeks later...

So i've been watching this thread for the last few weeks as surprise surprise I have had the same grey screen after usually an hour of play and then the headset disconnected completely and the usual way to get passed this is disconnecting the battery for a second and plugging it back in. 

However i've recently changed something that i don't think has been mentioned think so far, apologies if i'm wrong. Since this change i've not had a disconnect like before and barely any grey screens and its been about a week since I did this.

I'm fortunate to have a SLI capable motherboard, so two slots for graphics cards, which i know not everyone will have, but I upgraded to a new case so rearranged my PCI-E cards (RTX 1080 & Vive Wireless Card). They used to be next to each other in the slots closest to the CPU. But now, I have the Vive Wireless card next to the CPU slot and then the GPU card now at the bottom of the motherboard furthest away from the CPU. 

As we know the Wireless card is pretty CPU hungry so what i believe my set up is providing is the PCI lanes controlled by the CPU to control the HTC Wireless Card, and the Chipset PCI lanes on the Motherboard to control the graphics card hopefully giving both cards more bandwidth and i'm wondering if this is why I now am not seeing the issues I had before. 

Only time will tell if others will find this provides a fix but I hope people find this helps as I have found it has for me. Please let me know if anything I have said isnt accurate or if i'm wrong and just dreaming this up. 

For context I had the issues with grey screen and disconnects on my vive and vive pro headsets alike until I did this change.

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I had 500+ problems with my unit & was able to get a full replacement of everything. Lasted 28 mins in VRChat until i heard 50+ usb connect/disconnect sounds and 2-3 gray screen flickers. After 5 mins it reconnected fakely ( acted fine buy steamvr was freaking the heck out ). Also lost mic completely until i reset the headset.


I tried different modes. I tried no overclocks. I tried multiple cables, multiple power banks. Tried pcie changes as suggested. Nothing fixes it. I can sometimes get 8 hours no hiccup, and the next day ill get issues every 10 mins.

Unfortunately, this is too much of an annoyance. For a $300 product, i feel im using someones alpha tested product. I had to 3D print a fan to keep it cool and it still freaks out.

Wired? 400 hours of VR and never one issue with anything. Personally, I'm following a full refund and never touching wireless adapter again until 5+ years pass. The tech just isnt there, too many variables. Running this on 32GB ram, i9-7920XE, 2080TI. 6 slots, 5 open, tried all 5. Clear-view of the headset. Tried it table level, 6ft my level, and ceiling mounted. Tried it in multiple corners of the room. Im blaming it on steamvr. You can run the wireless software forever and play music through the headset for days but kick steamvr on and regaurdless of game, issues after time. And yes, controllers are set to never turn off.

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