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3 x Vive Pros With Wireless Adapter in Same Playspace


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Hi, we set up and tested this yesterday at work with moderate success.  If anybody else has done this i would appreciate your input.


We used 4 x SteamVR 2.0 basestations.


Every now and then individuals did lose connection - i believe this was when a user walked in front of a wireless link box which we had put around chest height.  Will placing them at a height of 7 to 8 feet solve this issue?  We deliberately walked around, occluded each other etc.  This probably isn't going to be our business use.


Thoughts, recommendations or pointers to diagrams for best practice welcomed.

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, Sorry for the slow reply, this got buried under other posts.


In a nutshell, since the wireless adapter is a line of sight (LOS) technology, the dropouts are most likely related to your occlusion scenarios and the best way to avoid that would be to mount the PC-side transciver higher. The PC-side transceiver has a 150x150 FOV so you'd want to mount them 6-8 feet off the ground and angle them downward a bit essentially targeting the center of the transciever's FOV towards the center of your tracked volume. If you mount it higher than 8 feet, you'll start cannibalizing your range and make mounting the PC more complicated. If you don't angle the transceiver downward and instead, say mounted it parallel to the ground, a huge portion of your FOV will be wasted. Just follow the line of sight rule, you should eliminate the dropouts. 


We do have some diagrams which describe what I'm expressing above but they're still in legal review :/ 

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