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Error 208: Headset not connected properly - Must bypass linkbox for HDMI on laptop, fine on PC


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I have a Vive which works perfectly on my PC. However, when I use exactly the same set up on my laptop, I get Error 208: Headset not connected properly.


I can get it to work if I bypass the link box for HDMI (USB can run through it just fine). I've updated all my drivers etc., restarted a million times, but I can't think what could be causing it if I've tested each component independently and they all work fine (laptop, link box, HDMI cable).


I only have the Vive for a couple more hours as it's a rental, and I was hoping to use this time to figure out whether or not to buy one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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, it could be

1) HDCP - this really varies by your hardware/OEM

2) The display not initializing (ennumerating) correctly due to the the OEM configurations. 

  a) If you have an Nvidia GPU it helps to force the global setting to the Nvidia card in the GeForce settings page (see below).


If it works via bypassing, that may just be the best way to get it to reliably work on that laptop. The linkbox is really there to help prevent ware and tear on your PC by taking the brunt of the force when the tether gets yanked - you can use it in bypass mode longterm bearing in mind that you want to be a little gentler. 

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