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HTC promises "free" games and subscribes you to their paid services without your approval


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Around 26th of October I got an email from Viveport (HTC) saying exactly this:

"Right now, you can grab a FREE (to keep) copy of Nevrosa: Escape. We’ve only got a limited number of copies to give away, so don’t delay – grab your copy here."


I thought that it's safe and used that offer, it was a 0 amount transaction. I never downloaded that game by the way, just didn't have time for that.

After a couple of weeks I received an email from Vive (and PayPal) regarding my paid subscription with Viveport, which I definitely didn't order.

So HTC uses this rude "marketing trick" taking your payment information and subscribing you for something you didn't ask.


I asked for a refund, and I expected a quick refund, but HTC refuses to issue it. I own a number of HTC devices (including 2 VIVEs) and starting to regret being an HTC customer.

I believe the refunds should be provided with no questions asked ESPECIALLY for the services your customer never requested and never used.


So this is a warning to all other potential HTC customers - never use their "free" offers as apparently this is just a dishonest advertisement.

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