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Vive not displaying anything, light is green (Laptop)


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Let me get this out of the way, this is for my friend who is having trouble setting up his vive, I have my own as well


First he had troubles with error 208 (Steam VR not detecting a HDMI input) but after trying suggestions of plugging the 3in1 cables USB and HDMI cables directly into the computer it detected his headset. The problem was that he couldn't see anything in the headset. He turned on the mirror and it showed that his headset was tracking because when he moved the headset the display moved. The light on the side is green.

He tried restarting, reinstalling drivers, replugging in cables, different hdmi cables, and going through the setup process again


Now, something important to mention which I think could be the problem is that it's a laptop and its not labelled as VR ready. Initially I thought that just meant the specs arent good enough (he has a 960m and I think that can run most smaller, less intensive games as I started under minimum requirements) but now I think that maybe the one HDMI port he has isnt connected to the graphics card. I'm not sure how laptops work but is that a possiblity? He only has one HDMI port and no display ports. What solutions are there for the problem? We've been trying to sort this out for three hours and nothing seems to be working. Thanks for any replies.

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That is a possibility. It may be detecting integrated GPU rather than the dedicated GPU. You can disable the iGPU in the BIOS usually. The specifics depend on the model of the laptop.

You should also check and make sure the latest GPU drivers are installed, as that could cause the issue. One last thing is to check the cable. If the HDMI cable is bad, that would cause this as well.

Thank you,

-John C

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