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Error (208)


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Hi there, 

I am hoping someone has a solution to my issues with Error (208).

- My PC is running 1060 3gb with one HDMI and one Display Port.

- Currently I am using mini DP to Display Port from Link Box to GPU

- Monitor HDMI to GPU

The backstory is that I was using the HTC Vive to play VRChat and set my headset down to get something to eat. Upon returning my lenses were black and I no longer could see from the HMD. Thinking it was no big issues, I turned off my PC and from that point forward I had error (208). Oddly enough, the audio source from the HMD was still working. The next day, I attempted to use SteamVR again. This time not only did I receive a red light and black screen, but the audio no longer was working as well.


I have ordered a new mini dp to Display Port as well as a new Link Box. I have also tried many of the solutions found here and on reddit, without any success. This includes,

- Unplugging and replugging cables

- Reinstalling drivers

- Using short cables from Link Box

- Connecting USB directly into PC from 3 in 1 cable

- Reinstalling SteamVR

None of these have worked, and I am curious as to why my Audio would work from the Headset which was having a black screen but on the following day not only was there no picture but the Audio was no longer working as well?


Please help, I couldn't imagine that my HMD would have broken while stepping away for a few minutes.



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