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dual camera performance


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I'm using SRworks with HTC Vive PRO. I enabled frontal dual camera and I can see trough HMD the real world. Unfortunately, images are bad: pixelled, unfocused. My camera rate is 40 Hz and I can't modify it (it appears immodifiable, afer reboot). The same things happen with wifi adapter. My video card is Nvidia GTX1070 TI 8GB. How can I improve the quality of my cams?


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, what's your motherboard/USB situation? Based on what you're describing it sounds like your hitting the bandwidth threshold of that USB port and thus SteamVR is capping your quality to maintain a basic perf level. 


Does it happen on the other USB ports on your PC?


If it ends up being a USB controller or bandwidth issue, a PCI-E USB card may solve the issue - we recommend the brand Inateck as they're the most reliable we've found. 

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