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HMD screen and audio turns off for 2 seconds every 10 secons


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I got Vive recently and most of my time with it was spent trying to figure out what is wrong.

Initial hour or so was flawless. Then i started experiencing periodic loss of video in hmd. Screen would go black for second or two then video would appear as normal. Id did not seem like any software noticed that.

After a while i somehow managed to get it to work. I think it was some combination of disabling xhci, replugging usb and hdmi cable and repositioning base stations, but i'm not sure.

Yesterday I got new PC and decided to run room mode on new rig. The tutorial again was flawless, but i had to remove headset for a moment, and when i got back, the issue came back.

Everything else seems to be working perfect. 

The problem occurs regardles of what is displayed in HMD, be it game, desktop, or grey area when there is no tracking. It happens even if i omit link box.

When there is no video in hmd, the light on side turns red

There was a lot of cable replugging, driver reinstallation, cable verification, enabling/disabling direct view, power management settings changing. I did contact HTC, and applied their instructions.

Nothing seemed to work, tried many things found on internet. Only thing i did not have opportunity to do is to change hdmi to DP, since i dont have such cable.


One more thing: Sometimes left screen displays some kind of green texture or solid colour before video appears back.


Has anyone got idea what can be wrong? What else can i try? I have my suspition that unit is faulty, but i want to veryfiy other possibilities.


Used to run it with GTX 1080 on B85 board with i5, now i upgraded to Z390 with i5K, same GPU. Also changed windows to 10 (but not update, clean installation)


Thank You for any help

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