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Difference between base stations and controllers?


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I bought a used Vive Pro full kit on eBay recently, and what arrived doesn't seem to be the same as what should be in the box.

I have 2 flat face base stations and 2 controllers that are grey. Looking in various places, it looks like th kit should have curved face base stations and blue controllers.

Is this an issue?

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, So Vive Pro HMD could be used with 1.0 accessories or 2.0, so there's no problem using it either way. Now what price you have paid is a different story , if you go through Vive store you'll find Vive Pro HMD only, Vive Pro starter kit with 1.0 accessories , and the so called " Enterprise Kit" which is Vive Pro HMD with 2.0 (curved base stations and blue controllers) . Looks like I can't find the Vive Pro + 1.0 acc. bundle anymore , but the HMD only costs 879 Euro where  the Vive Pro Full kit 2.0 costs 1.399 Euro, so as long as I remember the one you bought was around 1.100 Euro (that's via  vive.com/eu since I'm in europe) 

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, If you purchased a "Full Kit" (the $1400 price point) the controllers should have a curved front and the controllers should be the same blue color as the HMD. If the faces are flat and the controllers are black, you're unfortunately being lied to if they call it the "Full kit" or "enterprise kit". 


There was a kit called the "starter bundle" that paired the HMD with the Controllers during a limited time - the price point was $1099. 

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