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I got charged for Subscription after like 2 month


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Hi all,


I was charged for subscription after like 2-3 month of nothing, I tried contacting the support but they refused to refund me for it. I am a University student and I am struggling to eat & pay rent sometimes, spending 8.99 for nothing is pure luxory to me right now!

Anybody from users/support can help me? Please?


Thank you!

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To me it looks like, after purchasing any payment plan or just entering for the free 14 day trial, every subscription turns into a monthly subscription for 9.99€ or whatever this is in dollars. You can check that by going on your accountpage. For me it says my 3 month sub runs out on march 1st and my monthly sub begins on march 1st. Next payment is 9.99€ on march 1st.

You must have missed that. So no matter if you used it or not, they provided you the service.


You should have immediately cancelled the subscription (It is a subscription and not a one time payment) before it endet. After cancelling you could have still used it the full time. This is the same for almost every subscription based service, like Netflix, Google Music and almost every  other popular site that offeres you on demand stuff.

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