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Problem with camerafeed and VIVE wireless adapter


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Hey all,


firstly thanks for continuously updating SRWorks - its exciting to see where this goes!

We experience the following Problem while using our SRworks-enabled app together with the new vive wireless adapter:
Everytime the connection gets lost for a second (for example by blocking line of sight to the adpater with your body) the camera-feed gets frozen and won't recover until a full restart of SteamVR as well as the wireless connection utility. 

We tested it on various Hardware-Setups so there is no relation to a specific configuration.
You can reproduce this behaviour with the SRWorks Portal-Sample. Start the app and try blocking line of sight connection to the wireless sender. The normal headtracking will recover working after establishing the connection again, but the video feed of the live view will freeze and you'll only see a still image of the last frame on the video-plane.

Do you experience similar problems or have any suggestions?
We don't see this problem with the normal wired connection - but our customer required the experience to be wireless...




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Hi Tobias,


This isn't specific to wireless, it's whenever you lose tracking. It freezes because the camera feed is dependent on tracking (head pose). Notice that even in steamvhsettings you can't preview the cameras until tracking works.

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Hi Dario,


thanks - you are right!
But with cable connection the camera-feed will resume working just in the moment tracking is established again.
With wireless it keeps frozen and won't work again until we restart the whole system (and this happens a lot of times unfortunately :-/ )

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