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Advise on a new CPU for wireless Vive

Baebidi Of Love

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Hi everyone,


I currently have a i5-4690 and a GTX 970 OC.

I recently got the wireless adapter for the Vive and it works great for games like Beat Saber or Stand Out.


But I bought Skyrim VR last week, modded it of course so it looks nice and all, but when using the wireless adapter the game is laggy and the quality is pretty bad overall. When playing tethered tho, the game runs smooth.


I checked and my CPU despite giving everything he's got is just not powerfull enough.


Does anyone has a Vive wireless setup to give me advises on a specific CPU. My thoughts were going to the I7-8700K, but I rather ask around before investing 450€ in my setup.

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For me, going from a 4 core processor to a 6 core processor made a huge difference to my wireless performance. The CPU is no longer maxing out and making the games unplayable. Note that I have a Pro which puts an additional demand on wireless (higher resolution headset). While the speed of the new processor was about the same (not overclocked), I could play the simpler games again, like Beat Saber and Superhot. I can't speak for Skyrim, but Doom VFR looked good once I pushed up the SS (and overclocked as well).

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Just answering in case someone wonders the same thing someday.


I ended up buying the i7 mentionned in the topic and the difference is huge. A medium CPU could just not handle what the wireless adapter was demanding. I've no longer any CPU-related lagging issues.


In the upcoming months i'm probably going to buy a fancier GPU (Having a 970 right now) and a Vive Pro cause from what i've heard the increased resolution really is a major upgrade.

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