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does it make a difference if I put my headset on my VR or my pc?

Gray Hollow

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I have a turtle beach earforce shadow, and it needs to be plugged in both usb and audio for me to use it to the fullest, otherwise it'll sound ok and the mic will sound horrible. So I'm wondering if it makes any difference if I'm losing part of the experience if I plug my headphones into my computer instead of the audio thing at the back of the VR.

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This is really confusingly worded but basically the USB port on the HMD is a full USB port - using it is basically the same as using a USB port on your PC. There is a large caveat though - if you start maxing out the bandwidth of the USB port that your Vive is connected to, you may start seeing the camera on the Vive become accessible or even tracking issues. That's a really motherboard/USB controller specific set of symptoms though. 

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