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Viveport SDK for Unity crashes Viveport


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Viveport SDK for Unity crashes Viveport. Steps to reproduce:

  • Launch Viveport (tesed version 1.2.8)
  • Start new Unity project (tested version 2018.2.13f1) 
  • Import Viveport SDK (tested version 1.7.10)
  • Open Empty Scene
  • Create new script with the first example code for Unity SDK at https://developer.viveport.com/documents/sdk/en/api_top.html#detailed-example-in-unity
  • In the script replace the VIVEPORT_ID for the ID of your application
  • Place the script on an object
  • Hit Play
  • Viveport starts lagging and eventually (~10 seconds) crashes 

Sometimes it survives first play, but once the game is paused and played again it crashes for certain.

Unable to develop further as the very fist example code snippet causes meltdown of the SDK. Please advise.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

Here's the editor log (it's more executions, not all result in a Viveport crash, latest one did): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NOKjmOoSOlhVIkgiY7oNAw7IyVGZl7gL

Here's a screenshot, I was checking the Task manager, in general Viveport seems to take immense amount of CPU when the snippet is executed (even leaping over 50%) and not decrease once the Unity execution stops.


  • Windows 10 (1803)
  • GTX 1070
  • Intel i7-6700

Let me know if I can provide something else.

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The code is literally just the first API example thrown on a single gameobject with the AppID changed. 

From what I can see there's no continuous calling of the API here: 

I'll be able to bundle and upload the project later today.

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I've bundled the failing code : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jVHmvvv4P0NVxvjNf-yhH3scNovwUgy1/view?usp=sharing .

I've made an app just for testing, the AppID points there, you can use it out of the box. To make Viveport crash it usually suffices to start and stop the project 2-3 times and wait for about 15 seconds.

I've updated both Viveport and Unity and the issue persists.

I've checked and at the time of crash Viveport was using 1GB out of 24GB of available memory, so unless it failed on trying to address another 20 at once it should not be a memory issue IMO.


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Hi AdamStreck:  


After trying your sample project on our environment, we can not reproduce the symptom on our side. 

If you can, please show your screen by TeamViewer or AnyDesktop for us to see the reproduce steps on your computer.

If you can't, could you show more detail in reproduce steps. 

Btw, assume that the reproduce steps are as following:

1. Launch Viveport. 

2. Launch the sample project from Unity. 

3. Press "Play/Stop" button several times.

Then you can see the Viveport crash. 

Am I right? 

Thanks . 

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