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I'm unable to check my order status and unable to contact customer support.


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So i have tried to contact customer support twice and i havent been able to track my order i know the order has gone through or at least i can assume because the transaction of money has been taken from my bank account i just want to know what happening with my order because i have two order id's for some reason.  i also had to make a complete new account because my steam account wouldnt let me post a topic or track my order and it havent received te transaction complete emaillike it said i would which is even more worrying, please help.

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Same here. I ordered a Vive Pro Full Kit on Black Friday and got a tracking number on 27th Nov which still says they're (DPD Couriers) waiting for my parcel. It was in stock when I ordered it and has been so ever since. No reply from Vive or Vive_Care Twitter, emails back to HTC, or mods on here. Highly unimpressed.

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