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Can I upload and view my own 360 videos and pictures to Vive Focus standalone headset?


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, For the most part - yes.


It depends on how you're trying to view it. The easiest way to view a 360 video on the Focus is to deploy the 360 footage onto an SD card or to the Focus via USB file sharing mode and then open the corresponding file within Vive Video (you can use the eye icon to bring up the various playback formats such as 360, monoscopic, ect...). This will play most common 360 footage. There is also a photo app/gallery (which I don't have a ton of experience with). I'll open up the gallery app today and see what the current support flow is.


If you want to make it something that you can deploy to other HMDs and host on Viveport, you're likely going to have to make a custom "wrapper" app that uses the WaveSDK to create a standalone APK. This is only required if you're aiming for distribution. 


If you have any issues - you can post directly in the WaveSDK forum  so your post has visiblity to the Focus team. 

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