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Vive Focus - Questions


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Purchased the vive focus from amazon (chinese model).  I have a few questions as below
Firmware updates
Firmware updates did not seem to be cumulative and i had to install updates 3 times to get to the latest version.  Downloads of firmware updates were also very slow in comparison to app downloads within the device.  
Would there be a possibility at one stage to perhaps allow users to download firmware images and flash this to the device (in case of potential possibility of bricking?)

As the device is barely known or released in the western world, If my controller gets damaged or lost, what would be the best option for a replacement (bearing in mind that i had purchased it from amazon)
I noticed on one occasion that my controller went through a firmware update and successfully passed and updated.  I heard some stories of the controller being bricked? is this less likely of an option with future updates?  I think i read that there was some fix to prevent this from happening
Is there any likelihood of allowing other controllers to work with the device in case the main controller is not accessible?   I have not tried connecting gamepads via usb otg, but would these work if connected?
There was a mention of utilising the camera's to allow positional tracking of the controller.  Is this update still planned in the future
Many thanks.  Overall the device is pretty good and in time hopefully will be more optimised and more smoother of an experience.
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