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Educational Environment: In need of Technical Support via Phone


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We are a school District in CA that is BETA testing VR equipment for mass purchase it the County and Region, We are trying to troubleshoot our hardware/software compatability and there is NO current option for technical support via the phone. We aren't a personal at home user- we are beta testing for mass purchase and roll out. Without technical support via the phone, VIVE products won't work for the educational environment and we will need to search for a different product that can offer support. Typing for hours just isn't feasible. We will be returning all 6 of our BETA sets of equipment and accessories as well as letting the Regional CTOs aware of this lack of support as we move toward other VR products to integrate into the educational environment. A simple phone call option for mass purchasers would be simple; rather than losing the Region of California public schools. If there happens to be a phone support person available to trouble shoot, before we package these up for return, please feel free to call. Thank you for your time and hopefully this info can assist the company if they want to break into public education in California. 


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Hello ,


We are able to provide support via phone but we ask in most cases that you submit a support ticket in the proper ticketing system that way we can track and log your ticket and easily communicate between other teammembers and teams. You'd fall under the enterprise category so I'd advise you to email support.enterprise@htc.com with a basic outline of the issues you're seeing, a request for phone support, and your email address. 


In a worst case scenario, I'd be more than happy to hop on the phone with you to try and lend a hand. I am SF based. I totally understand and agree with you that troubleshooting via text is very time consuming and I actually spend at least 1-2 hours a day providing tech support over the phone as it's far more effective. It does make it harder to provide visiblity/context to other team members though so there's a bit of a balancing act to ensure the right data gets recorded. 


To my knowledge, no other VR OEM offers a direct telephone support line - everybody similarly operates under a ticket based approach. The exception would be vendors which are reselling OEM products. 

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