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After moving vive to a new room, One of my base stations has poor tracking?


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Originally I had my PC and entire VR setup inside a different room with a slightly higher ceiling than the one that I've since moved to. Upon moving my entire setup and all my vive equipment, one of my base stations has started to lose tracking almost altogether when facing it and though I've searched online I can't find anyone with similar issues to mine. Upon transporting my vive setup to the new room neither of the base stations underwent physical harm which makes me so confused as to how this loss of tracking could have occurred. Attatched are photos of my current setup (The TV in the photos wasn't always there and the tracking issues still existed before the television was mounted).

Things I've tried which haven't helped at all:
Connecting the sync cable

Moving the base stations around to different spots on the wall


Lowering the base stations to an equal height to troubleshoot and make sure it's only the one base station with loss of tracking


Updating firmware for base stations.




At this rate I might just purchase a new base station in hopes that it works better but it's strange for it to just stop tracking like this.



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