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ControllerModel of WaveUnitySDK is not imported


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I am reading the WaveVR_ControllerPointer in the document of WaveUnitySDK

I found the following description

•The pointer Prefabs (ControllerPointerL, ControllerPointerR) of controller are located in Assets/ControllerModel/Finch/Prefabs.

I could not find Assets / ControllerModel / Finch / Prefabs.

Below is the package import



There is no ControllerModel

Where do I import ControllerModel

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Hi ,


In 2.1.8, we introduce a new feature and change adaptive loading to support FBX file, export button effect, beam and indicator option to controller loader. Therefore the controller model is moved to each device service provided by vendors (like Finch, Pico etc.)

Do you need the 3D model or just can't find the model?


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