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(Help) Access to both cameras


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Hi, I have a question.


For the work I'm doing, I'm using the SRWorks SDK, to perform a 3D reconstruction with the cameras, but in order to use an algorithm, I need to know how to access the two cameras. Right now, if I'm not mistaken, when we access the cameras of the HTC Vive Pro with the sdk, we only do it to one of them, I do not know which, but I need to access the two individually, does anyone know how to do it?


I know that when we access the depth image, it makes a combination of both cameras, but I need the RGB image of each of them individually.  I using the C++ API.


Greetings and thank you.



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Refer to this enclosed sample code $(SRWORKS)C\sample-vs2015\main.cpp in SRWorks.

To get fisheyed left- and right-eye images respectively via GetDistortedCallback().

To get de-fisheyed left- and right-eye images respectively via GetUndistortedCallback().


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Thanks, it's what I needed.

By any chance, do you know where I can get information about the front cameras? such as resolution, focal length, fps, distance between cameras.. and if the resolution cameras it´s the same that the resolution on distorted and undistorted images.


I see that when i define the global varibles to this images, I put some values like 612/460.. Are this the resolution from the distorted images?




Thnaks you

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