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Vive controller commands FROM keyboard - Disabled user


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I've got paralysis in my hands - I can wave the controllers around and point them, but I am unable to squeeze the grips or triggers. The touchpad also provides considerable difficulty.


The way I get around this in non-VR applications is to use VoiceAttack scripts to emulate keyboard input.


The steps I took after buying my Vive:
Install OpenVR-InputEmulator and client_commandline
Set up VoiceAttack to listen for voice commands and type strings into the command prompt

So I suit up in VR, point controller with matching ID, and say a script trigger like, "right menu press". This results in a command line crash.


Does anyone know of a workaround?  Am I missing some utility?  I'm surprised these is no apparent support from Vive in this day of accessibility.


Thanks in advance. Sorry if this has been answered before, but community.viveport.com's search feature was not working for me. VoiceAttack and OpenVR forums were not useful.

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