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I have seen this post a lot but I never really see a resolution. So, my games on viveport are downloading anywhere between 3-6 mbs. I did a download speed test on my computer and it is 94mbs. I am getting this download speed on any game I try to download through Viveport. Games I have downloaded from other apps such as Steam give me a much higher download rate.  Can someone please assist me to figure out what is going on?


Additional info: I am using a wired internet connection.

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I can start a support ticket with someone who can try to assist but this may be at the ISP level. We use reloadedtech for our download processes which works by basically flooding your connection with as many high bandwidth connections as your ISP will allow simultaneously - your ISP may be limiting the number of connections that it can establish to the servers. I typically see Viveport download speeds ~40-60mbps and rarely see above 13mbps with Steam. 

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