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how to completely uninstall Vive drivers & software - troubleshooting


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I've been having many issues relating to headset not being detected. Tried many things (too many to list here, all the standard recommendations), now want to do a complete uninstall to ensure there is nothing lurking around on the system.


Currently, when I uninstall Vive software and drivers, reboot, then reinstall there are clearly things still on the system becuase the setup asks me whether I want to keep my current room set-up or not (!).


So, what do I need to do to completely remove everything?



- Originally installed in April, when the machine was running Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

- Has since been upgdraded to Windows 10 in-place.

- Several different versions of Vive software have been installed during the time.


Thanks for suggestions on cleaning all Vive software from the system!


Note - I do not want to do a clean Windows install, if at all possible, because it then takes foreever to re-install all the apps...


all the best,


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, did you completely uninstall Steam as well? SteamVR is a component here. If not, definitely give that a try.


Unfortunately a complete wipe might be required. Have you also contacted Customer Care in case it's a hardware issue? Their contact details are in my sig.

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1. Uninstalled:

- Steam VR

- Viveport

- Vive drivers (ie the other Vive software listed as being installed in the control panel)

2. Reboot

3. Reinstall Vive drivers, Steam VR

4. During setup, it detects "room setup" has already been run


So, I'm assuming some vestiges of the install are still present somewhere.


What I am looking for:

a) Ideally - a tool to really remove everything Vive...

b) Or, a list of Vive file locations and Vive-related registry entries, so I can manually delete everything post uninstall.




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Hi there . I'm afraid there's no tool available to remove everything Vive related. You've got multiple software components here including Steam itself.


From your list of steps it sounds like you uninstalled SteamVR, but there are some config files left in the Steam install even after that's done. These shouldn't cause the issues you're talking about, but to be sure, you might consider uninstalling Steam itself, not just SteamVR.


Regarding your headset issues, you said you've tried all the standard recommendations but I have to ask - have you done a cable check, including trying a different USB port? More often than not, that's where we find most headset issues coming from.

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I'm having this same issue. Ever since the hard drive that my vive software was on crapped out, trying to install the drivers doesn't work. It always says "headset not tracking" on the final screen of the vive setup. I'm about to just do a full system string search of "Vive" and delete every occurence. This is ridiculous.

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I'm doing this now. Removing Steam games that took hours to download.


Because the HTC/IBM wireless adapter didn't work and I need to remove it.

I thought I could just remove Vive SW and SteamVR, but removing SteamVR requires removing all steam files. 


This would be funny if I hadn't lost so many  hours before giving up on the wireless.

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