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Where to buy SteamVR tracking 2.0 Basestations


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I honestly am very frustrated. I had my VivePro for less than a month and one of the 2.0 basestations goes bad.  Now I hear I can't even buy one.  

I sent a report to support, but I see that hundreds of people are having this issue as well.  Can take weeks to get a replacement from HTC :(

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 - Our repair facilities are operating in all regions under no delays - a 2.0 base station repair shouldn't take that long and would be covered fully under warranty based on the age of the device. I would recommend requesting the base station RMA via www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us. That will connect you with a live chat agent specific to your region who can process the inquiry and send you the RMA packet at the end of the chat.  


Valve simply has a pretty strict stance on the sale and roll out of BS 2.0. Valve is currently is offering direct sales of the 2.0 base stations (link). It's technically still a pre-order but they're starting to ship units this week. Otherwise, no other company is authorized to sell individual 2.0 base stations per Valve. As Valve is the sole manufacterer of 2.0 stations, they have complete control over availablity. 

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