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Vive controllers not connecting!


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I just got my headset earlier. I'm trying to set everything up, but my controllers won't connect. I've tried pairing them, but that doesn't work. Can anybody help me with this? (also, I've tried to start a live chat with customer support, but it's not working either...)

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Hello FlumpMC,

I see you have a problem withController pairing

Given what information you have provided, I have these suggestions to resolve your problem:
• Verify the install integrity of SteamVR
• Verify the controllers are up to date on software
• Fully charge your remotes before attempting pairing
• Check that the remotes can properly power on

• Consult your Users Manual and the FAQ on your topic

If these do not fix your issue, feel free to leave this topic open,
I or another user will try to assist you further shortly!

If I have assisted you with your issue, or resolved your problem, Please accept my response as the answer.

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