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Wireless adaptor Fallout 4 VR code


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Hi ,


Don’t worry, your Fallout VR code will be in your account soon.


As mentioned above:


The Fallout4 VR Steam key will be displayed under VIVEPORT My-redeem page within 7-14 days.


To access your Steam key, you'll need to preform the following steps:

Visit www.viveport.com/myredeem

Sign into your HTC account (the account associated with your wireless adapter purchase)

You should see your Steam key listed (granted that you've already activated your Viveport trial offer).


Redeem the key via the Steam client – click ‘Add Game’ at the bottom left of the client interface. (See Activating a product on Steam: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-tfbn-1352)

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I'd hate to be a PITA, but do you really want your user's first experience being, "Welcome to your new product, you can use it in 7 days."?


I'll be honest, Fallout 4 was a major selling point, there's only so much Meat Saber I can play before the hunger for VR Post Apocalyptic Wastelands is too great.

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We completely understand where you are coming from on this. We appreciate you taking the time to comment. As mentioned above, there are quite a few factors that go into assigning the game code to an account. 


When it drops into your account, be ready for an awesome experience. Wandering the Wasteland is awesome and seeing how all of the weapons work upclose is a real treat. 


As for Beat Saber, such an awesome game. I've downloaded WAY too many customer songs. Pretty sure my arms are ready to fall off when my sessions are over. 

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Sounds like HTC's problem and not mine. It's their problem, it's arbitrary, and it wasn't disclosed when I made the purchase.


Additionally, I have no idea if I have correctly applied my codes. So am I going to find out, in two weeks, that I need to enter a new code and wait another two weeks?


This is frustrating and I don't care why. HTC has to get their house in order and not concern their users.

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3 weeks since I posted the original query.

Still nothing. 

You know? I get that it might be a complicated thing to "allocate product keys", making sure you dont give keys away to the wrong people might not be the best thing for your company. But NOT giving your customer something that you advertised in within a very reasonable amount of time is bad for your company. Customers remember this kind of treatment. If you want to build good faith with your customers HTC then you need to work harder than this, and this really isnt complicated, its low value stuff for you and high value stuff for us.

I have had exactly two purchase experiences with HTC. I bought the original Vive on launch and the order was messed up. I was promised that my (£55) shipping fee would be refunded. Never happened. Now this. 

Customers remember being treated badly.

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Hey , 


Hi, before we dig super deep and to make sure, as long as you redeemed your code, it should be on your viveport.com/myredeem page. As we injected them into accounts yesterday. If your Fallout VR code isn't listed there, please let me know and we will continue this via PM. 



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