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Vive Pro and the Wireless adapter not detecting HMD


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So I purchased a wireless adapter for Vive pro along with the adapter kit.  Installed it and everything is setup.  Started the wireless kit and it detects the adapter, however it says HMD is not detected.  I connect it back to the wired setup and it works fine.


I have read a bunch of posts that are saying the same thing.  I have also read a bunch of posts that you need a fresh install, which is crap, you should never need a fresh install.  I have also read that you should uninstall device drivers, did it.  Didn't work.


The error code is 108, nothing seems to be working.  I know the HMD is getting power because the red light on the HMD is on.  Pushing the button right by the red light does nothing.


Need a fix.

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So has Vive even acknowledged this issue or is this just a **bleep** our customers type of thing? I spent a decent amount of money with the Wireless adapter like everyone else and then additional money for the Pro kit....


I love how they want you to buy it but it doesn’t even work..... and they offer fallout.

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