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Intermittent HMD freeze


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I'm developing for Vive with Unity, and some weeks ago my game started intermittently getting a frozen scene in the HMD that moves with the hmd. i.e the whole scene moves with the HMD (very nauseating!). It lasts a few seconds and then goes back to normal, however the timing in my game is off after that. I went back to a commit from before it started happening, and it's happening with that too.


Today it happened with a game through steam as well - Space Pirate Trainer. It happened several times, every 5 minutes or so. I'm monitoring core temp, and it is generally high, 80+ celcius, and when the freeze happens it's up around 90+ but I can't say if that's happening other times too. When the freeze happens, task manager shows the cpu and gpu usage for the game drop to 0.


I'm using Unity 2017.2 on windows 10 1709, with steamVR 1.1.4


When this happens and I try to drop into the debugger (visual studio), I get a system call and can't seem to drop into my app anywhere. I can get the name of the system call it drops into the next time this happens and I'm ready for it.


Any suggestions off the bat? I can send me info as may be needed. Thanks for any help!



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