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Vive makes my computer restart every time i play!


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Hello, as tittle says, on using any Htc vive game , it just power off my machine (restart) its been working normally since i bought it in july , then started failing last week. Ill list things i did to diagnose the problem but i have no idea what is going on:


- Uninstalled/Reinstalled all. Also did a fresh install on windows 10.

- Updated all drivers on my computer, also tried gpu alternative drivers (nvidia 39x.xx).

- Check for hardware faults, including memtest, cpu & gpu stress test, disk health, all ok.

- Switched vive dongle usb's port to others, i only have 2.0 usb ports.

- All Firmwares are up to date.

- Checked that is not a third software issue, i mean the game, currenly im playing Beat saber and Space pirate trainer, both triggering the restart, even the steamVR Home triggers it.

- Tried both SteamVR main and BETA versions, both triggers it.


At this moment i dont know what to do, is the vive broken? its something steamVR related? how can i get more information?

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