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Anyone know best setup for wireless adapater? Like best spot for the radio dongle?


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Setup the wireless adapater, and curious on the best setup for the transmitter looking thing that connects to the pci-e card. Is it best to move it away from the headset for a wide view of the room? Or is closer better?  The mount it comes with doesn't work so good and sometimes it wants to point down, wondering if this makes a difference or not.

There's no real "guideline" on best practice. Also seems the signal drops if I turn around, away from it but standing in the same sport. So thinking maybe facing it directly is best result, but not sure.

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Our advanced setup guides are stuck in legal review, they'll hopefully be out soon. The PC side transceiver has a 150x150 degree FOV and a 6 meter range. If you're using multiple adapters in the same room, we recommend mounting above head height to limit occlusion. If you're solo, mounting anywhere from 3-6 feet will suffice and you just want to capture as much of your play area as possible in the 150x150 degree FOV. 

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