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Vive crashes within minutes for all games


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I recently purchased a base vive for my nephew and I am having a heck of a time getting it set up if someone can please help me out or point me in the right direction. I will provide you with any info you need and retry any step I have already done. I have successfully set up a Vive on my own computer which is an I5 8500 i think, 16 gigs of ram, GTX 1080, gigabyte motherboard, windows 10 pro. It took me a weekend to get it set up, and I thought I had dealt with every issue this beast can present but alas. Here are the specs of his computer:

Windows 10 Home

Intel I7-8700K 3.7 ghz

16 gigs ram

gtx 1080

C: drive is an SSD

D;/ drive is a spinner(dont judge)

Motherboard MSI Z370-A PRO


Ok so we open the vive on the 24th, hook everything up and he plays VR chat for most of the night and everything works. Then this morning it will not run for more than 1 minute without going unresponsive and tracking. Now to better describe that pavlov immediately crashes, but most other games just freeze on the current picture and you get that disorienting feeling when you move your head around because the view does not change. I can never really get it to give me an error code because the headset just goes unresponsive. It does it for every single game I try to play(pavlov, rec room, sairento, arizona sunshine) and sometimes in the steam home. Here are all the things I have tried below, some together some not:

1) Clean install of windows and everything

2) Tried every single USB port on the computer, i honestly don't know if this mobo has any 2.0 ports and i think all the MOBO ones are 3.1. there are two USB ports on the case, 1 definitely labeled 3.0, one not labeled and not blue.

3) I have updated all drivers

4) I have tried steamvr in beta mode and not in beta mode

5) I have ran steam as an administrator

6) I tried running with the monitor unplugged

7) Before i nuked the computer I tried some stuff about deleting your open VR

8) I tried turning sampling down to 100%, and 20%, it recommends 194%

9) I brought over my vive and switched out the hardware to see if it worked and it was worse

10) I have removed and reinstalled all USB drives.

11) Toggled direct mode/not direct mode

12) Disabled power management in steam, pc and nvidia


I am pretty sure it is an issue with the USB connection on the mobo because we pretty much have the same computer exept for that but I really don't want to buy a new motherboard. Please offer me your suggestions or let me know if you need any other info because I don't know what else to try/rule out.

Thank you very much.


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