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Laptop Connectivity with miniDP question


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I have a laptop that has a mDP Port soldered directly to the motherboard I contacted them to make sure. If I connect one end of a mini display port cord to the slot on my laptop and the other end to the slot on the Vive box included with the pro starter kit will that suffice for all features of the headset? If not will I have to purchase a brand new PC to use the vive pro?

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, A couple of notes:

  • The miniDP port in question must specifically support Displayport 1.2+ to work
  • You'll need a minimum of a GTX1070 to run the Pro on a laptop chipset. A 1060 won't cut it. For AMD it would be an RX Vega 56.
  • We recommend the 3 and 6 foot versions of the following mDP to mDP cable. It's the most reliable we've found. https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Mini-DisplayPort-Black/dp/B00HNF0L2C 
  • Candidate cables must support 4K playback at a minimum of 20gbps
  • You may have to go into your Laptop's BIOS to configure the port to correctly output to the Pro. You may have to disable thunderbolt virtualization. 
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It really varies by the laptop - you can always adjust the application resolution override setting on SteamVR's Settings -> Video tab to reduce your render target resolution to bring down your performance cost. The issue is that most OEMs are not transparent about their integration of hardware - they claim that it's desktop equivalent but in many cases there are power settings and OEM software that limit the performance of the hardware to account for things like thermals. 

I will say that you're pretty much going to want to ensure that your display drivers are past 416.16 and that you definitely want to ensure that motion smoothing is enabled. The motion smoothing is a game changer that's only been recently introduced and it dramatically improves performance on less powerful GPUs.  I haven't had the opportunity to see how it affects Pro on a GTX1060 yet - I'll try to do some basic testing for my own personal knowledge when I return to the office. 

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Wow thank you so much for such a detailed response. So to clarify if I have a Laptop with a 1060 graphics card and I purchase a mDP to mDP cord while tweaking a few settings here and there it should run at least some games?

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