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Vive Pro Hardware Issues


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Santa dropped off a new Vive Pro on Tuesday, and we have had issues from the very beginning. We immediately noticed an issue with one of the controller triggers, where the trigger doesn't seem to release fully which prevents us from being able to play most games. Then, within the first 24 hours of playing on the system the second controller started going in and out as well, sometimes it's connected fully and sometimes it doesn't track or recognize button clicks. Now, less than 4 full days after being opened, the headphones have also blown out. 


We've restarted, uninstalled/reinstalled, reconfigured, etc, and done everything possible to try to fix the controllers. Obviously there's not much we can do about the headphones besides attach a second headset to the Vive headset. We reached out to customer service, of which there is an appalling lack, to no avail. Is anyone else having similar issues? What do we do? We have a very disappointed young man and an equally disappointed dad now, and I just want to fix it so that we can enjoy it the way we thought we would. 


Thanks all! 

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