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How do I diable touch on the controller?


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You can refer to get the press up / press down status of DPad only by


        if (WaveVR_Controller.Input (WVR_DeviceType.WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Right).GetPressDown (WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Up))        {            // DPad Up of right controller is pressed down.            // Replace WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Up with            //     WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Right / WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Down / WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Left            // for DPad Right                    / Down                         / Left        }        if (WaveVR_Controller.Input (WVR_DeviceType.WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Right).GetPressUp (WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Up))        {            // Pressed up, simuliar ...        }

We will have the feature support “disable button event” on our next major release.


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