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a few little things id like added


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so my play area is big enough 2.9x3.0 or so, not the real concern here but kinda


my tv and couch are in the same room and i would like it if i could somehow make a generic placeholder of similar size appear that shows thats the position they are in


my couch is behind my play area but if i want i can sit on the couch to watch movies with the vive aswell, can i somehow make it that the vive understands that this is a purely sitting area and to remove all the safety systems that happen for this portion if i sit on the couch which is out of play area


if the placeholder items could also transparently force themselfs into the games im playing aswell may be good


basically i want 2 play areas, the main big 1 for standing/moving games and another thats next to it thats sitting only, the sitting 1 could possibly also show the full standing area ontop of it aswell


it can be annoying to go and turn all the settings off between games and movies

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