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Left controller losing tracking constantly


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I only recieved my vive for christmas so I'm fairly new and I'm unaware if this is a common issue. My left controller will consistently lose its tracking and fly away from my body. I went online looking for help and people said it was due to obstructions or reflections and even after covering quite literally every reflective surface in the room to the point it looks like a haunted house,  the issue remains.


I moved every object that was not needed out of the way and even with perfect sightlines my controller will still occasionally fly away from the body and not come back sometimes.  I updated to the latest firmwares. I even walked around the room with my righthand to perfect tracking and did the exact same path with the left controller and it was glitching out.


Is this a hardware issue, something I can fix with software or something on my end because I really dont want to have to go through the painful return progress I've been hearing about. (also to be clear I've been religious about how the equipment is been treated. I havent hit any walls or objects and they change on a cushion.)


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

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