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Check Licence Viveport demo


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Ii used this script in my firts build for viveport and it was ok.

Now i try to make an update, i used the same script, but the app quit in start during licence verification.



using UnityEngine;using System;using Viveport;public class ViveportDemo : MonoBehaviour{   static string VIVEPORT_ID = "bd67b286-aafc-449d-8896-bb7e9b351885";   static string VIVEPORT_KEY = "MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDFypCg0OHf"                         + "BC+VZLSWPbNSgDo9qg/yQORDwGy1rKIboMj3IXn4Zy6h6bgn"                         + "8kiMY7VI0lPwIj9lijT3ZFkzuTsI5GsK//Y1bqeTol4OUFR+"                         + "47gj+TUuekAS2WMtglKox+/7mO6CA1gV+jZrAKo6YSVmPd+o"                         + "FsgisRcqEgNh5MIURQIDAQJK";   // Use this for initialization   void Start ()   {       Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, VIVEPORT_ID);   }   private static void InitStatusHandler(int nResult)   {       Viveport.Core.Logger.Log("Init(): " + nResult);       if (nResult != 0)       {          Viveport.Core.Logger.Log("Init setup error ...");          // Handle error       }       UserStats.IsReady(IsReadyHandler);   }   private static void IsReadyHandler(int nResult)   {       if (nResult != 0)       {          Viveport.Core.Logger.Log("Platform setup error ...");          // Handle error       }       Api.GetLicense(new MyLicenseChecker(), VIVEPORT_ID, VIVEPORT_KEY);   }   class MyLicenseChecker : Api.LicenseChecker   {       public override void OnSuccess(long issueTime, long expirationTime, int latestVersion,                                      bool updateRequired)       {           Viveport.Core.Logger.Log("[MyLicenseChecker] issueTime: " + issueTime);           Viveport.Core.Logger.Log("[MyLicenseChecker] expirationTime: " + expirationTime);           Viveport.Core.Logger.Log("[MyLicenseChecker] latestVersion: " + latestVersion);           Viveport.Core.Logger.Log("[MyLicenseChecker] updateRequired: " + updateRequired);           // Do more things       }         }}

how resole this please ?





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